Friday, June 25, 2010

We have a winner!

Well I could ramble on about this forever.... but I won't!  Instead I will just say how much I enjoyed my first giveaway!  Thank you all so much for your kind words and sweet blog love!  I've heard it said over and over again how the one that is giving away says she wishes she could give something to each and every one that entered.  I always think "Yeah right, then share the love."  Haha!  But now I understand!!  I truly wish I could send each of you something.  Since I can't send something to all your mailboxes, I will send you best wishes for my next giveaway!  I've been working on it and I'm really excited about it too!  So be on the lookout in a few weeks for my next color giveaway.  I think you might like it... I hope anyway!

I used to select the winner.  That was quick!  I was hoping to see it fumble through some numbers then slowly come up with the winning number.  Nothing like anticipation, you know what I mean?  But no, it was boring and popped it right up there.  No fun at all.

...And the winner is #45!!  YAH Lara over at Colonial Homestead!!!  Go show Lara some love!  She is a relatively new blogger with only being around since March.  Lara also has a selling blog called Colonial Homestead Creations that she just opened.  Congratulations Lara!

Thanks so much girls!  I appreciate all the new followers I gained!  What fun this is!  I'm so behind on reading my friends' blogs... I'll be over to meet each of you new girls soon.  Thanks and have a delightful weekend!  =]

Lara, on my blog page under the About Me section is "View my complete profile".  Click on it.  On the left side under Contact, click on email.  Send me an email with your address and I'll get this mailed out to you on Monday.  I can't wait for you to get it.  I hope you like it!


Christine said...

It was a wonderfully generous giveaway! Lucky Lara to win!
I love her blog too!
Best wishes

Sheila said...

Congratulations to Lara! I will go check out her blog.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Sheila @ Seasons of Thy Heart and
Country Impressions selling blog

TheRustyThimble said...

Congrats Lara
can't wait to see you next giveaway Angie aren't they fun to have?

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Congrats to Lara, you lucky
gal! Thanks Angie for hosting
a wonderful give away!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Country Prims said...

Congrats to lucky Lara!!

Thanks Angie for the opportunity, it was great fun and very generous:))

Blessings, Shazy x

michelle said...

congrats lara!great win.angie im waiting anxiously to see them next colors since those ones black and mustard had me repainting everything to those colors lol.hubbys gonna kill if i start repainting again lol.thanks for the great giveaway blessings michelle

Cora said...

Darn I didn't win....but congrats to Lara!!! :) You are blessed.
Thanks Angie for the chance on this great give-away!!

Have a great weekend my friend!

colonialhomestead said...

I was so surprised to get your message telling me I won your giveaway. I love every item in the giveaway. The colors were what really got my eye. Thank you so much for having a wonderful giveaway.

Kady said...

Congratulations Lara! You hit the jackpot.

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Congrats Lara!!! You got some amazing goodies :)

Leann said...

Just popping in to play catch-up. Hope all is well.


colonialhomestead said...

I received the giveaway. How fun it was to unwrap all the amazing goodies. Looking forward to placeing everything in my homestead. Your little note was so thoughtful. Thank you much.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Angie, Haven't seen or heard anything from you for a while. Just making sure everything is ok. I miss your cheerful self! ★

Donna B. said... did I miss knowing that you have this blog?!!! Congrats to the winner of your very generous give-away! (although I wish it was me...hee hee)