Friday, November 25, 2011

Prayers Please

I know some of you already have a home decked out for Christmas, but this fall loving girl...

My original plan was to take down the fall and put up the Christmas next week, the last week of November.  But I'm not too sure that is going to happen now.

I'm asking you, my prayer warrior friends to please add my families to your prayers.  Last Sunday, November 13, we traveled to Missouri for the funeral of my great-uncle Glen Johns.  In my large family, we are a close knit group.  Although this was my dad's uncle, we always called him Uncle Glen.  As well with the other 10 siblings.  Us kids never used the word "great", we just felt blessed to have so many aunts and uncles.  Uncle Glen was so soft-spoken, such a kind man, and loved God with all his heart.  He was my favorite out of the whole clan and I miss him so much.

My husband and the kids came on home that day while I stayed with my parents.  The next morning, we headed up to Princeville, IL for the visitation and memorial service of my mom's brother, my Uncle Jim Smith.  He ran off the road, rolled his truck, and it caught on fire.  His body was 90% burned but thankfully he was gone before he even ran off the road, there were no tire marks whatsoever.  He was a 22 year Navy veteran and was extremely active in all the veteran halls in the surrounding areas.  I was amazed at the very long line at the visitation.  My Aunt Marian said there were people there that she never even knew.  For 2 1/2 hours, over 565 people came through to pay their last respects to our family.  What an honor that was (and very emotional as well) to see the many veterans come through in their dress.  It was so neat to see yet so hard at the same time.

Then I got the call last night that my great-aunt Susie Johns, my dad's aunt that has been in the hospital for several months, wasn't expected to make it through the night.  I received the call this morning that Aunt Susie passed away last night.  She was so full of laughter and spirit all the way up until her entrance to the hospital.  A very loving soul who will be missed.

That's three deaths in our close knit family in two weeks.  Please pray for the Goins', Smith's, and Johns' families for comfort.  Our family has been known for its legacy of faith, love, and family.  For that, I am extremely grateful and I know that God will help us through this time.  Thank you for your prayers, dear friends!

At this thankful time of the year, I have been reminded this month that there is nothing more important than relationships.  First and foremost, our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  If you don't have this or don't understand, please contact me, I would love to share how my Savior is always there for me and loves me unconditionally.  Second, is our relationships with our family members.  Yes, there are some members that occasionally drive us crazy (or more often than that!) but be thankful for them, try to mend those broken ties because you never know when the last minute will come.  Lastly, thank you my dear blog friends that have been with me these past few years for many laughs, and cries.  I may never meet any of you in person, but you are all dear to my heart and mean so much to me.  Thank you for being a part of my life!!  Love to you all~

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Decorating

I just realized I never came back with a picture of my $15 steal of a deal in this old sewing machine.  All I did was sweep it down real well to get all the dirt and webs off of it.  I have decided that since I still have a young one at home that likes to play with interesting things, that I would display it with the machine down in the cabinet.  I really want to show off the machine but I know my little guy won't be able to keep his hands off of it... me either for that fact, lol!  It's fun to turn the handle and watch it work.

The top of this sewing cabinet is the perfect place for some family Bibles, along with some old family books.  Doesn't the sweet stitchery from our dear friend Linda over at Parker's Paradise look wonderful just above the sewing cabinet??  It's like Linda knew exactly what would look great in my home, I still love it so much Linda!  Thank you again, sweet friend!

The old glasses on top of the family Bibles belonged to my great-uncle Oscar.  I bought a box lot at a garage sale for super cheap and there were two itty bitty extremely dusty oil lamps inside.  They cleaned up quite nicely, I was honestly surprised.

I bought these little squirrels a few years back when I was working at Hobby Lobby.  I do miss working there this time of year when all the fall is out.  I brought fall decor home each week, hehe!

This little display is on top of the entertainment center in the family room.  The ceramic bear is the very first holiday piece I ever bought for my home back in the late 80's and I just can't seem to part with him.  He's such a jolly little guy.  House of Lloyd, the home party... anyone remember them?  My family loved them and had lots of parties.  Back then, we had these potpourri pots instead of tart warmers.  You put a tea light in his belly (which is why he has a heart hole).  Inside his head is where you put potpourri with a little water, then his hat had air holes in the top.  Thankfully sometime shortly after that, people started using wax tarts instead of the potpourri because it would get pretty nasty if you let it set a couple of days.  My grandma and granddad's wedding picture is in the background.  Oh, and yes... I realize that one candle is way too tall.  I have a replacement patiently waiting to be waxed.  Should have done that before I took this picture, haha.

I have lots of teddies in my family room because I use to collect them years ago.  They still mean warmth and comfort to me.  This sweet teddy bear is sitting on a little stool with the state outline of Oklahoma carved in the top that my husband made many years ago in scouts.  So we know it's an antique, hehe!

A quick shot of part of the mantel.  My main project this winter is to organize all photo frames and family pictures.

Just a little pot with berries in the Living Room in the Amish corner.

In the main bath, I keep a sewing drawer that belonged to my great-grandma.  I have fun changing it out with the holidays.

Isn't this little blue vase just precious?  My dear friend Katie over at Willow Creek Homestead brought this back to me from a family vacation they took to San Antonio, TX.  It came from The Guenther House.  From the website, it looks like a really neat place.

Maybe I can get it together soon and get pictures of the rest of my fall decorating.  You all will be showing your Christmas and I'll still be in fall, lol!  Oh well, I would leave my fall up all year long if my family would let me... dang family anyway.

Don't you just love receiving packages in the mail, especially when they are a total surprise?!?  My dear Facebook friend Micki Groom Creamer sent me a message that she was sending me something only I didn't see the message!  When I opened my mailbox and there was this huge package crammed inside, I was shocked.  Micki knows I love old sewing notions and has sent me some in the past that are displayed in my vintage sewing bathroom and laundry room (which is right beside the bathroom).  What a sweet, sweet thing for her to do, look at all this fun stuff!!

There is old bias tape for 10 and 25 cents, love that!  The old DMC and Coats labels on the floss, some say 12 cents.  Those will definitely be used in decorating, love those old labels!  A couple of cute patterns, a Christmas potholder & oven mitt panel, a beautiful quilt block that was started and never finished.  I was wondering what I could do with the adorable Americana fabric and Micki sent me pictures of pillow tucks she made out of it... CUTE!

Just in time for Christmas giving, there was a 'Cookies to Give in a Jar' kit complete with twine, jar toppers, and labels.  Perfect!  But my most favorite thing of all has to be the 1938 Singer instruction book!! What a real sweetheart my friend Micki is!  She has a fun and wonderful open group Christmas page on Facebook that you really should join: MAKE MINE A COUNTRY CHRISTMAS.

I gotta end this post with a picture of my little guy.  I was out taking fall foliage pictures again and he wanted me to take a picture of him as he was dancing and singing in the leaves... so sweet.

I suppose that's enough rambling for one post.  I appreciate you all giving my friend Katie from Willow Creek Homestead a wonderfully prim welcome.  She was overwhelmed at the response and I was too!  You all are so dear and precious to me!  Thank you for your friendship!  =]

Have a wonderfully blessed week~

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Blog Friend!

Hey, all my good prim friends... I want to introduce you to one of my bestest friends that lives here in the state of Oklahoma with me, right down the road.  Katie Harris started her new blog Willow Creek Homestead today!!  Katie and I have spent a lot of time together this year antiquing and crafting.  We have picked up some awesome deals together.  I've been bugging her all year long about getting a blog so she can be addicted right along with me, hehe!  Katie started a primitive transformation on her home this year and it looks awesome!  We'll have to get her to post some pictures for us.  =]

I'll be honest... I was always envious of you that have a prim blog friend to hang out with all the time and so wished I had one, well now I do and I am SUPER excited!!  So please go on over and give Katie a wonderfully warm prim welcome.  I know she will fall in love with all your wonderful, creative blogs and be touched by your sweetness like I have been the past few years.  Thanks friends!

I also want to thank each and every one of you that gave me such wonderful advice on my waxed icicles!  I have finally decided how to tie 'em up and package 'em.  I'll share that in a future post when they are ready.  I was hoping to have them ready by now but family first... October was full of football!  Three games a week!  Not to mention football practices 4 days a week after school.. basketball practices 5 days a week before school.. cheerleading practice 2 days a week after school.. both my boy's birthdays.. plus 3 birthday parties we attended.. trip to the pumpkin patch of course.. overnight guests of my parents (twice in a month to watch the kids' games), friends in a Christian band, my sister and her friend.. checking account was compromised with someone writing fake checks so we had to close out our acct and start a new one, still dealing with that yucky mess.. four concerts that my husband's Christian rock band played in.. ending in Halloween.. Oh, and the total 64.5 doz homemade cookies I made for the month for the JV and Varsity football players to have at every single game, and 48 cupcakes for the middle school cheerleaders (I decided this late in the season so the girls didn't get as many as the boys).....  all of this in the month of October!  Whew!  No wonder I'm so tired!  I was beginning to think that I needed a trip to the dr because my vitamins weren't cutting it but I can see I've just been on the run all month.  Anyway, hope to be back with you soon.  I have some great steals that I acquired at some sales that I want to share.

Can't have a post without pictures but all I have for now is a little fall foliage around my home.  I'm blessed to live close enough to town for when I need something, yet far enough out to feel like I'm in the country.

Looking down our driveway... we still have lots of green!

Coming out of our driveway, going down the little country road that I love to see in every season...

A real beauty in our backyard

Our pond can even be pretty at times

Our family friendly Oak tree in the backyard that houses the treehouse and the horse tire swing as it gives shade to the playset and swimming pool.  I adore this massive Oak and marvel at it continually no matter how long I've lived here and see it daily.

Some pretty color in our front yard

To end this post, a couple of views of my next door neighbors

I am so blessed to be living in such a beautiful place.  Sadly, I have to see pictures like this to remind me because I see it every day and sometimes take it for granted.  So thankful for God's blessings on this homeplace!  Also so thankful for the friendships I've made with you, you are a big part of my life and I treasure you all!!

Don't forget to stop in and welcome Katie at Willow Creek Homestead!

Have a delightful first week of November ~