Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm now a blue pottery collector~

Hi friends!  I sure have missed you all SO much!!  I hope you are having a fun summer.  We've had a busy one... which explains why I've been missing for almost two months!  Wow, can't believe I've been gone that long.  My oldest two are heading to Arizona in the morning for a week long mission trip so I hope to spend the next week blogging.  =]

I just had to get on here and share some wonderful pieces that I've been blessed with!  My new, very sweet blog friend from Belgium has a delightful blog called The Gingerbread Gem.  You really should go visit Goedele and meet her if you haven't already.  Actually her family is visiting the US and are in PA Amish country right now!  Goedele and I both started working for a temp service back in April during the same week!  She knew how apprehensive I was about going back to work after being a stay at home mom.  Out of the sweetness of her heart, she sent me this adorable lavender stake because she knows I love lavender.  =]

As you can see Goedele, it goes perfectly with my lavender bunch!  Thank you so much for your kind heart and sweet friendship!  It just amazes me that someone on the other side of the world has the same love of primitives and antiques that I do.  I hope you are enjoying your visit to our country!  =]

One of my friends at work was getting rid of some things and blessed me with 2 boxes of primitives and pottery because she knew how much I loved them.  I had no idea what all she had until I started unpacking it all.  Needless to say, I was blown away!  This first picture shows a beautiful blue jar filled with cinnamon sticks, topped off with a zinc lid, LOVE!  An old spool, old spool lamp (without the shade), adorable butt basket!  4 candle plates (one is so tiny and cute!).  Americana star with grungy candle and a wonderful iron hanging candle holder!  Lots of fun stuff~  Eek!  Just realized that the awesome curved butter paddle didn't make the picture.

Then I came across all this beautiful blue pottery... W O W!!

I wasn't a blue pottery collector until now!  Thanks Patty!!  I really don't know much about pottery at all so I had to look up what I have. The pie plate and bowl on the bottom rack of the pie holder are Roseville pottery!  The darker blue spongeware pie plate on the top rack, the spongeware pot with lid and pitcher in the back are all from Marshall Pottery.  So neat how each piece is signed by the "master potter".  The small bowl in front on the right is from Williamsburg Pottery Factory.  The other pieces and the soap dispenser are from Beaumont Brothers Pottery.  I have seriously been searching for a soap dispenser for my kitchen for quite some time and just haven't found one I like... until now, hehe.

So the pottery is all sitting on my kitchen counter, looking for the perfect spot to land and I don't have a clue where to put it.  =/  The only blue piece I have in my kitchen/dining room is a biscuit jar that my sister gave me.  My kitchen is red with mustard and brown.  How do you think I should display it?  Should I keep it all together?  I know that makes for a bigger impact but since it's the only blue I have, should I disperse it about the kitchen/dining room?  Thanks in advance for your advice!  I always value it tremendously!!  =]

I've been working part time at Hobby Lobby for the summer... getting all that Fall and Christmas out for you, lol.  I tell you what... I'm beyond ready to decorate for fall!  I'm so anxious that I can hardly stand it.  Less than a month, when the kids start back to school... those totes are coming outta the attic, hehe!

There are a couple of projects I've been working on this summer but this 100+ heat is keeping me from sanding and waxing.  So I will share a sneak peek at one of my projects...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Such sweet and dear friends I have, so very blessed I am!

Oh, and how could I forget?!  Today is our 15th wedding anniversary!  We won't be celebrating tonight though... gotta get the kids ready for AZ in the morning.  But with the temp being 104 today with a heat index of 110, I prefer to stay in the house, lol.  Friday and Saturday don't look much better with it being 106 and 105.  We might have to wait till next month to celebrate, ha!  Who gets married in the heat of the summer anyway?!  I remember my florist sister-in-law from Missouri did my flowers.  I so wanted Magnolias.  She tried to tell me that it would be near impossible to travel across the state with Magnolias in July.  But I wanted them SO much.  The sweet thing that she is... made up the bouquets and boutonnieres, put them in a cooler and brought them to the chapel.  By the end of the wedding they were definitely turning brown but I got my Magnolias, lol.  Why, oh why did we get married in the heat of summer?  Happy Anniversary to my sweet baby, love him dearly!