Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Needing some laundry room advice please!

I worked in my laundry room yesterday and I need to know what you think.  I'm thinking about moving the Apothecary sign up a little.  I'm still working on it.  I have a couple more things to put on the shelf and I also have a jar full of my waxed clothespins to add.  A few of the old sewing notions that I recently got at a garage sale will make their appearance here too.

I have been on the lookout for some old ironing boards.  I want a big one to lean against this cabinet and a smaller one to set on top.  I found a few of the big ones at my favorite antique mall, I just couldn't decide which one to bring home with me.

I am so blessed to own two of my mom's dresses that she wore when she was a baby.  They are at least 75 years old and still in great shape!  I treasure them so very much!!

Along with my mom's treasured dresses, I am so honored to display some precious handmades by some of my sweetest blog friends!
  • Adorable little cupcake pinkeep that I won last spring from Lucy over at The Farmer's Attic.
  • Neat wooden spool with antiqued tape measure ribbon and waxed clothespins (that started my wax obsession!) that I won last year from Darla over at The Prim Patch.  Thank you Darla for getting me hooked on wax, lol!
  • Darling little baby shoe pinkeep that I won last year from Linda over at Parker's Paradise.  Sweet Linda also recently gifted me with the wonderful ditty bag hanging on the peg.
Don't you just love surrounding your home with wonderful handmades by dear friends?  I see these things on a daily basis and my friends immediately come to mind... even over a year later.  Thank you dear friends!

Okay, now that I took a walk down memory lane... please be brutally honest with me and tell me what you think I need to do.  I am going to soften it up a little with some greenery and of course I have to add some berries in there somewhere to stick with my Berry theme.

Looking forward to antiquing with some friends all day Friday and then scrapbooking with them all night!

Thanks in advance for your visit and help.  I wish you a blessed week~

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fabric and sewing goodies

Goodness girls, I have received and bought lots of things this month.  I can't even post it all in one post!  First I want to share some goodies that two of my dearest, sweetest friends that I have never even met have blessed me with!

First off, I'm sure lots of you know our sweet blogger friend Linda from over at Parker's Paradise.  She is always blessing someone with goodies that she makes, finds, or makes over!  I received a "just because" package from her.  When I saw who it was from, I knew it was going to be jam-packed with good stuff and she didn't disappoint!  Oh my word Linda, you are so awesome!!  Thank you for all these wonderful goodies!  It was like Christmas... the ditty bags all had something in them, so much fun to unpack!  =]  

There are wonderful ditty bags, adorable heart bowl fillers, fabric covered eggs in a cute little wooden bowl, a sweet little pip berry wreath and best of all is the piece that it is all laying on.  I used this as a runner for my table... perfect for spring!

As if that wasn't enough, Linda also added these cute note cards that I had to hide from my daughter, haha!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Linda for your friendship!  I am constantly amazed at the prim friends that I have made since I first started blogging.  Even though I have never met a single one of you, I consider you to be some of  my dearest and bestest friends!!

Another dear, sweet friend that blessed me this month is my facebook buddy Micki Groom Creamer.  She is a doll!  Some of you may know that I have a great fondness for old sewing notions.  Micki had some wonderful pieces that I fell in love with last year.  I found myself going back to her pictures often to get another glimpse.  One day she contacted me and asked for my address because she was getting rid of her needle books and wanted to share them with me.  I was so excited when I received them in the mail!  I search for these every time I go treasure hunting!  Be still my heart!!  Thank you so much Micki! 

What sweet friendships I am so honored to have!  Thank you dear ladies!

Yay for garage sale time!  I was so excited to find this aida cloth for cross stitching for 50 cents a roll and some vintage fabric.

I felt like I hit the jack pot when I stumbled upon this lot of "craft supplies" for $3.00.

There were even some vintage sewing notions and patterns from the 70's, yay!

This large box was a great find at 50 cents!

Well that's it for this time.  I have much more to share and my newest obsession, lol!  This week I am going to work on my sewing half-bath and laundry room because that is where most of this will be going.  Can't wait to finish that area.

Thanks for always stopping by for a visit!  I appreciate you dear friends more than I can ever show you!

Have a blessed week~

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Painting and cleaning

Prim friends, I have been so busy... too busy to keep up with blogging.  I miss posting and I really miss seeing what all you are up to!

This is what I am in the middle of right now... painting.
Here is one of my dining room walls before.

Here it is after one coat of dark red paint, and still wet too.  Only one coat!  I couldn't believe how well it covered, I was seriously amazed!

So far the second coat has been applied and I could really stop there, it looks so good.  But I haven't used near the paint that I thought I would so I am going to put on a third coat tomorrow.  Can't wait to tear off that blue tape and see that dark red against the wood.  When I'm done, I'll be back with some more before and after pictures.

This is what else I've been doing... spring cleaning in my kitchen!  I was debating on whether I should share these pictures with you or not because I don't want you to see my messy kitchen haha, but I am going against my will and hoping that this will spur some motivation in someone.  I opened every single drawer and cabinet in my kitchen.

I spent two full days taking every single thing out, wiping out each drawer and shelf.  Then re-organizing every single small appliance, dish, and utensil.  As I finished that drawer or cabinet, I closed the door.  That was a wise thing to do because although it was a very tedious job, it was so nice to see that I was making progress!

I'm actually amazed it only took 2 days but once I got going, it was so fulfilling to finally get things organized!  I am a Pampered Chef junkie (also a Scentsy junkie, lol) and have bought a lot since we moved into our home 4.5 years ago so it was very nice to get everything together now instead of all over the kitchen wherever I could find room.

I'm so excited that I now have sections for: baking, entertaining, and holiday items.

Other than these home improvement projects, I have been extremely busy with my kids and their many school projects.  I will only bore you with one of the projects.  My daughter and her friend took 1st place at their school with their Rubber-band Vehicle in Science.  The top three advanced to the Tulsa Engineering Challenge that is put on by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  They went up against many, many boys and they were the only all girl team and guess what?  Those girls got 1st place in their division and won $100 (to share)!  We were so very proud of them because they built it, my husband was just there to supervise.  Amariah is the one on the right.

Oh, I've also been antiquing on a weekly basis and have so many things to share... as soon as I can get to it all and get it unpacked!

Have a delightful week my friends~