Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hey ya'll, hope you are enjoying what's left of this fabulous fall!  It has been a nice, enjoyable, relaxing one for me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the prayers and well wishes on my surgeries.  Finally getting back to normal... kinda.  Still having to slow down and sit down every once in awhile.  My body is constantly reminding me that it's not that young anymore, hehe!  But God has blessed me with a wonderful family that took amazing care of me and never complained... well to my face anyway.  ;) 

With this forced relaxation time, I have been catching up on my pile of the past 2 year's worth of magazines, coming back to blogland, and watching a little HGTV... sure miss the good ol' shows but I do enjoy the Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan.

Attended an estate sale down the road from me that I never even realized was there but I found it in the last hour.  So all of this was originally $40 but with the last hour discount, I only had to pay $5... vintage linens, old books.  The dictionary is old, yellowed and falling apart but will be perfect for the many book page ideas I have been seeing on Pinterest.  I also picked up an old Bible that is ripped and falling apart.  There are more pages here than I can craft in my lifetime so if anyone is interested in some pages to craft with, shoot me an email and I'll gladly share with you!  berryhomespunprimitives (at) gmail (dot) com.  

I'm not supposed to be sharing this on social media because of the ISIS threats that are targeting military and their families... darn it, why does the world have to be so cruel?  But I just can't help it.  I know my God is our protector and He has already won all victories for us!  We attended my son's basic training graduation during fall break and it was wonderful to watch the ceremonies, seeing the soldiers march through clouds of green, blue, and yellow smoke as they sang their cadences, and just spending time with our son since he's been gone for the past 10 weeks.  Here is his graduation picture.  Love this kid, so proud of him... 

Happy Veteran's Day and THANK YOU to all who sacrifice their lives to keep ours safe!