Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Americana decorating

I just wanted to share some of my Americana with you.  I've really enjoyed looking at all of yours!

The people we bought our home from left some things for us to "throw away".  They left this sign, can you believe it?  I haven't moved it yet but will when I paint.

Even my Amish dolls celebrate freedom.

I just love old architectural stars, don't you?

My year round holiday tree dressed in red, white, and blue.

On the hutch...

In the family room on my dad's old rake...

Out off all the decorating I did, this is my husband's favorite.  Really?  So simple, probably because that is his grandmother's old mirror.

Beautiful sign made by Jody over at Star Spangled Pretties.  It is patiently sitting on my pew bench (that came from the church I grew up in) until I paint the living room walls this fall.

Some of the giveaway winnings from Maria over at AMB Primitives along with 2 of the 3 star candleholders that will get some grubby candles, cheesecloth and of course homespun.  The bench is again patiently waiting the living room makeover.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to paint a flag on top of this bench (also left by our previous owners to throw away.  Yeah, right!).

Just a small display on the mantel.  I'm just a little bothered by the fact that when I light the candles, the blue glass star turns to purple.  Geez!

Lastly, this box became the catch-all for leftovers.  I didn't know what to do with this stuff so I sat it in the box and left it on the counter.  The next morning I was looking at it and actually liked how it was all just thrown in there.  So I added some homespun and a linen towel under it.

One of my favorite pieces is this old Flag Etiquette pamphlet.  I salvaged it from my great-uncle and aunt's home.  I wish I knew how old it is.

Well, that's all I have to share with you today.  Don't forget to sign up for my Mustard and Black giveaway!  Remember you must only sign up on that post.  If you sign up on any other post, you won't be counted.  I'm so excited!  I can't wait to see who wins!  Only two more days!


Cora said...

Love all your treasures! I really love your dad's old rake...such a great idea.
Hope you are having fun being at home!! It is so wonderful and such a blessing too!

Take care!!

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

I love it all! I can't believe the previous owners told you to "throw away" all that wonderful stuff! Are they crazy or what??? LOL! I can't wait to see who wins your wonderful giveaway either! I hope it's me!!! LOL! Have a wonderful week.

michelle said...

it all looks so beautiful!now do u change your theme on your tree to go with the seasons?my neighbor keeps trying to talk me into leaving one up all year,i really dont have seasonal decorations i tell her .but i could probally make some lol.have a great week.i love that sign they left too!blessings

Patti said...

Hi Angie: Love all of your Americana prims...especially the iron stars...I have a couple and never thought of putting them in a box or on a tray...great the old flag etiquette book...rare find!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love how you have all of your americana set up..and I love the last one too that has all the stars in it.I can't wait to see who wins as well..I hope irs me.;)

Christine said...

I so enjoyed seeing all your Americana displays, Angie! I like the catch-all with the various pieces in it too! But I think it's even more special that you use pieces that mean something from your family's past.

Please draw my name - can't wait!

janie said...

Love all your decorating. It looks so nice.

Enjoy, Janie

Tanya said...

Wow! You really have some wonderful Americana items, and you know how much I LOVE Americana!!

Love that tree and the shelf up above and the box tray w/all the leftover goodies, ALL of it really! LOL

I like the way you distributed your items throughout your house.

Cute ideas!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

I LOVE all your Americana touches around your home. I just love your box that you put the "left overs" in.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

My goodness, you do have some great Americana. I love how you used the rake, very cool. Up till this point the most I did with a rake is hang onions to dry---LOL. I do have a wood hay rake; well, a replica of one. Maybe when I get home I will put out some things. I kept hoping I'd win one of these giveaways but not so. I will have to tea stain my own flags......*sigh* I do have a cool basket, though. I'll find it and put those tea-stained flags in it!

Country Prims said...

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely decor-LOVE it all, especially the box tray and the stars:))

Have a great day,
Blessings, Shazy x

Harvest Your Blessings said...

I love your displays! Americana has a special place in my heart ♥ I have a year round tree also and I just love yours. You have a treasure trove of family memorabilia that is really precious :)
Blessings, Dawn

Americana Lady said...

Angie, I am lovin' all your Americana pieces! I am going to have to look for some of those stars when I go to Amish country. I am feeling the need to go for those fluff items like berry garland, berry sprigs, more s hooks, know those little additions. Thanks for sharing your Americana. Keep your flag-a-wavin'...Joan

Jessica Marie said...

Everything you've just shown is so amazing, I love it. Especially that "Sit Long, Talk Much" sign with the bucket of berries. I can't believe those people asked you to throw it away!