Friday, May 6, 2011

Yippeeeee!! My awesome garage sale find for today!

Oh my word prims!  I am so very excited!!  I have been wanting one of these for over 20 years but they are so expensive.  At the last garage sale I hit today it was there with no price.  The man was really talking it up so I finally said "Well, I know you want more for it than what I can handle, how much?".  He said "Oh... $15".  Me:  "WHAT?!?!?!  Only $15?  Are you sure??".  I heard the "fif" sound come out of his mouth so I thought he was gonna say $50, lol!  Isn't she a beauty??  The treadle is broke.  I know my dad can fix that but not sure that I want it fixed... might leave it as it is.  Sorry for the background, I couldn't wait to show you so I took pics of it in the garage as soon as I pulled it out of the truck, hehe.

Then when you open it up, here's what's inside...

It even has a needle!  The little bit that I've looked up on the internet so far about "Ruby" says they aren't worth much but I don't care about that... it's worth a lot to me!  Everything still turns with no trouble or squeaking!

I'm so glad nothing is going on this weekend so I can get it cleaned up and moved into the house!  Happy Mother's Day to me!!  =]

I bought this sweet little Raggedy Andy at an antique mall a couple of weeks ago for $6.  I collect Raggedy's and this handmade one I love because it's little heart says I heart Jodi.  That is my sister's name and the way it's spelled too.  How sweet!

Another find at the antique mall for $3.  I didn't even have to do anything to it but wipe it down really good.  We are a family that eats all of our meals at the table together so having a wonderfully prim centerpiece for my table just hasn't worked because it's constantly getting moved out of the way and then the hassle of finding somewhere for it to sit.  So this lazy susan is perfect for us.

I've bought lots of pieces this past month that I was going to re-do this weekend but now they will have to wait till I get the machine cleaned up first.  Any ideas on what to use on the actual machine to clean it up?  I'm afraid to touch it.  Guess I'll have to do some googling on the internet to find out.

Well that is it for this post.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  I always appreciate your time spent with me.  Have a beautiful weekend and wonderful Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Old sewing notions and bobbins

I was so excited to receive a package in the mail recently from my good blog friend Dale from over at A Country Shop.  If you are ever in the Rochester, NH area... you simply must make time for Dale's shop.  I have never been, but every time she posts on her blog about her shop, I wish I could be there!  Dale is a real sweetheart and LOVES what she does... you can just tell from her blog posts.  She has so much fun playing with her prims!  She saw my recent post about my laundry room and decided (Thank you for deciding this Dale!!) I needed to add a few pieces to my printer's tray.  So she sent me the Anacin tin that still contains aspirin and also the little green metal Tums tin!!  Thank you so much Dale!!  You are a real sweetheart!  I have been looking for pieces to add to this box but everything I come across is to big so it was fun to add these little pieces.

I bought the tiny green bottle on the bottom shelf for 50 cents.  It says "Sample, 3 in one oil" on it and is so cute.  I also bought the amber bottle at the same antique mall for 1.00.

Dale also gifted me with this awesome ointment tin which still contains ointment!

As if that wasn't enough, Dale saw these adorable spools and thought of my old sewing notions bathroom.  As she says in her note... "Found these and loved them... thought of you and your bath.  SO got 2!  1 for you, 1 for me."  Lol!!  Thank you so much Dale!  These are so cute and I can't wait to make some!  They are wrapped with tea stained fabrics and the little muslin tag says "Bobbin".  I have lots of old plain wooden spools... now I know what I can do with them!  The Caldwells Syrup Pepsin bottle was a recent acquisition at the same antique mall.  Thank you for thinking of me Dale!  I appreciate your gifts and will think of you every single time I see them!  As always... prim blog friends are the bestest!!  =]

I got a little bobbin happy when I went antiquing recently, hehe!  I just kept finding them and they were great prices.  I am so drawn to those old sewing notions.  I need you all to tell me why some of these are red and blue.  I have never, ever seen colored ones.  I suppose they are reproductions but yet the tops of them look really worn.

I couldn't pass up on the tall bobbin (11") for only $4!  I also found this awesome box of thread from The American Thread Company that is in perfect condition for only $2!  Even the re-order form is intact in the bottom.

Thanks to those of you that took the time to comment on my last post.  I appreciate all the help and advice you gave me.  I'm gonna be adding another cabinet in that room soon... which is a good thing because at the rate that I am buying, I'm running out of room!

I wish for you a blessed week~