Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have so enjoyed reading all the thankful lists that I have been seeing this month on facebook and in blogs.  Have you seen Cora's 30 days of Gratitude?  I have been following her daily thoughts all month and have been so touched and so blessed by her words and pictures.  She has become one of my newest blog sister friends!  Check out her blog, she is a sweet gal.

I've been thinking awhile now on compiling my own list of all the things I am thankful for.  My mind has been flooded with all sorts of people, places and things.  As I've matured over the years (I'm 40 now, so I can say I have matured.  Ahem...), I have come to realize what really matters and what really doesn't.  But that is insight that will have to wait until another time.

I am grateful for this holiday, Thanksgiving, which has become my very favorite holiday of the year.  Not just because it is my favorite time of year to decorate.  Not just because autumn is full of the vibrant colors that are my favorites.  I love it so because it is a time we celebrate my very favorite things... family, friends, love, laughter, time spent together.  It is a time we celebrate gratefulness.  The best part of all-- there are no gifts involved and no stress involved (unless you're like me and still have a messy house that should have already been cleaned by now because family is coming!).  Eek!

I am grateful for a mighty God that has saved me, forgives me, and loves me for who I am.  I am grateful for all things that He has blessed me with even though I am so very undeserving.  I am one fortunate gal to have a life that I truly love and enjoy!  Thank you Father for all of the people and things, both good and bad, that you have placed in my life.

May you all have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones, sweet fellowship and laughter!  Love you~


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Thanks, Angie, for hanging with me while things seem to busy for me to take a few minutes to blog or to catch up on reading blogs! As you saw on my Thanksgiving post, I didn't have much to time write :D

I hope you and your family have a wonderful day today. May God bless you in a most special way.

Jean 1 said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and know that I'm thankful for you and our reconnection this year! :)

Cora said...

I'm so sorry I'm soooooo late with reading my blog friends. This is a beautiful heartfelt post. I feel the same way.
Thanks for your visits and wonderful comments! I like Thanksgiving because there are no presents too.
Blessings and warm wishes to you!