Friday, November 6, 2009

I love to decorate for Fall

I love the colors of Fall.  Burnt orange, mustard, barn red, mahogany, brown, olive.

I use the top of my husband's grandmother's hutch to make a full display of pumpkins, leaves, and the colors I love so much.  These are a few of my favorite Fall treasures.  I'm rather fond of my crow, I think it's cute.

I just love berries.  Any kind, any color.  Not sure, but it could have something to do with my last name?

Don't you just love the candy corn? Since I couldn't make it to the Ozark, MO craft festival, my dear friend Jeanna brought a little of it to me. Thanks girl! It's too cute!

The orange truck on the box is reminiscent of the old orange farm truck we had. I can remember sitting on the floorboard of it when Dad would drop me off at school. I was SO embarrassed! My how times have changed... I love that old farm truck so much that it's sitting at my house now!

I love my garden window.  I always wanted one at my old house but for various reasons, I never had one.  When we were looking to buy this house, the garden window was the first selling point for me.  My husband said my eyes lit up and I had a huge smile when I saw that window.  Yeah, I pretty much LOVE it!

Homespun... it's just so cozy! The small brown jars came from my Grandma Smith's house in Princeville, IL. I loved going to visit her. How precious it is for me to see these jars every single day as I look out my window and think back on the wonderful memories I have of Grandma.

"Blessings"... abundant in my life!  The sweet soul that we bought our house from, left me a handmade bowl that she made.  She was amazing with pottery.  I feel like she has entrusted me to take care of her home that her husband built from the ground up.  Special folks, Gerald and Jan Rider are. 

Ah, Ryan's baby plate and cup.  On one of the first shopping trips that Ryan, my mom and I journeyed on back in the Fall of 95, I knew I had to have this set to pass on to him one of these days.  It's such a sweet set and I wish I had one for each child.  My most simple, but favorite way to decorate... tie a ribbon or homespun around a treasure and add a pick.

My newest acquisition from my latest antiquing excursion with my dear friend, Jeanna-- the beautiful turquoise jar.

I am grateful for the many wonderful memories that my treasures provide.  Oh, how I delight in these small pleasures!


Cora said...

I delight in them too! Love them all. I'm so glad to hear you have the old farm truck...that's awesome!...Pictures please!
Such simple beauties and thoughts warm the very soul!
Hugs! :)

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I love that funky candy corn!!!