Thursday, September 27, 2012

A day at the park

Goodness it's been awhile... almost a year.  Time is fleeting my friends.  I'm happy to say that I have been enjoying my family to the fullest!  ...and it's been quite full, lol!  I've been thinking about how to come back here and post again.  Do I skip over the past year and start fresh?  Nah, I just can't do that.  If you are still here with me then I want to say thank you!!

I believe I will start back up where I left off.  Sure these pictures are from almost a year ago... but some great memories were made and that's something you just can't pass up.

We discovered an awesome park last August!  Heritage Park in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

For this trip, my oldest teenage son wasn't with us but when he went back another time with us, he loved it too.  It's great for kids of all ages, I had a blast also!  =]

Here is one section of the park...

Amariah didn't know that I was standing here with camera ready for her to poke her head out, lol...

Teamwork... one of the things I truly admire about my kids, they are awesome!

Goodness this girl has some long arms and legs.  I wish I could say she gets that from me but nope.

Fun times... 

These next 2 pictures crack me up!  I was standing up on a loft to get a picture of the whole park.  I take the picture and look at it in my camera and see this blur right in the middle. Where did that come from?!  So I take another one, and there is another blur running the other way, lol!  I just thought it was funny they were running in opposite directions within seconds of each other and didn't even realize it. 

They had a great time running all over that park.  The best part of all is we almost had the whole park to ourselves!  It was like a hidden treasure and we were so very excited that we discovered it, haha!

You just can't end a fun summer day at the park without a trip to the ice cream shop.  We all crashed when we got home, well the little man crashed before we got home, lol!

I'm grateful for these wonderfully beautiful days that I can spend with my kids.  God has truly blessed our family in that I can be a stay at home mom with only working a little bit here and there.  I'm so thankful that we made a decision years ago to make our family and our kids a priority.  I enjoy them to the fullest and I thank God for them each and every day~


Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Well, hello there girl!! Been ages! Glad to have you posting in blogland again! Looks like you had a blast at the park...and it looks like some kids are growing fast. Hope we see a lot of posts from you this year...Jan

primitive ole frugal mumma said...

Hello, wow that looks like heaps of fun i have a couple of little people here that would love that, life slips bye so fast i have big breaks from blogging then i have a little post , life is just busy when we have a family i guess lol , welcome back :-)


Cedar Creek Primitives said...

Hi Angie! Welcome back! I know how it is about being among the missing in blog land, I have just recently returned myself. That park looks like it would be a blast to go to, I can see why you and your family enjoyed it so much. Have a wonderful weekend!