Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My delightful goodies from Darla over at The Prim Patch

Yee haw!!  I got my surprise package in the mail from Darla over at The Prim Patch!!  I won her secret giveaway!!  Let me tell you... she is AWESOME!  WOW!!  She spoiled me with lots of goodies!  I was so excited about all the wonderful goodies that I forgot to get a picture of it all together so I'll show you where I put it.

This is in my laundry room.  I just finished spring cleaning in there today.  It's never been decorated because my crafting area was in there until I moved it all out and put it in another room.  This is all the prim I have in there... so far, but that will change.  =]  Karen (The Barely There Primitive Bear), see my brown Clorox bottle that I found at a yard sale years ago for a quarter?  Back to Darla's goodies... the clothespins in the bowl and the spool.

The wooden clothespins are wonderfully made!  They are dipped in wax and spices then covered with my favorite.. homespun!  They are tied up with jute and embellished with rusty pins and bell.  They are too cute sitting in the bowl I just re-did.

The spool.. oh my goodness!  I was just telling another prim blog friend that I was gonna have to make me one.  How on earth did you know Darla??

It's almost like Darla was reading my mind this week as I was thinking about how I wanted to decorate my laundry room.  To get to the only bathroom I have on the main floor, you have to step through the laundry room.  I always had my craft table piled high with projects on it and I hated every time someone would be visiting and need to use the bathroom.  So I decided to move it all out and now it's fresh, clean and simple in there.  But too simple... so I am going to prim it up.  My laundry room decorating will be an extension of My sewing half-bath.  Don't you just love it when you receive something that works perfect for what you need?!  Thanks so much Darla!

My 4 yr old son was so excited about my box.  He helped me open it up, unwrap everything and set it in place.  These two prim wonderful goodies were in the box also!!  Robbie said "Oh how beautiful!" with much excitement, it was so cute!  He said he knew the perfect spot for them and this is where he put them... on the entryway bench.

Hanging on a peg hook shelf in the dining room is the temporary home for the star until I get my patriotic living room started this fall.  I just love it and it's going to work perfect in there!

I adore sheep and just started collecting them this past year.  This is the temporary home of the sheep because I'm going to be painting this room soon and moving things around.  Isn't it just the cutest?!

I also received three wonderful smelling tarts!  Darla, did you make those and what scent is it?  My husband asked what I was cooking because it smelled like maple in the house and I hadn't even had them in the tart warmer yet!  Lol!  But they will smell wonderful in the new tart warmer my mother-in-law just bought me.

Darla, you're awesome!!  =]  Every single thing is perfect for me, how'd you know girl??  Love it all!  Thanks so much!


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Wow, you lucky gal! That is some
good stuff you got there! I
found a bleach bottle, I didn't
get it, but it will probably
be there when I go back. I
should show ya a pic of my
laundry room, or at least part
of it...I have a bunch of items
on a shelf just above the washer
and dryer. Congrats on your win!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Christine said...

Hi Angie! What fantastic prim goodies to win! Darla is so talented!
I love the star and sheep so much!

Blessings, friend!

Anonymous said...

You got some wonderful goodies!! I love the spool with the iches ribbon. I actually have some...and I'm going to put it on one of my empty wooden spools. Too cute!!

Brenda said...

Congrats and you got some great stuff! Love the clothespins!!


Anonymous said...

Angie love all the goodies from Darla.She is so talented.Thanks for stopping at my blog & the nice comment you left about my Amricana star..Hugs Maria

DarKilp said...

Morning Angie!!
I am so glad you like everything I sent to you. I love how you have everything displayed. I'm so glad everything worked for was so nice being able to send things that I thought you could use.
BTW...the good thing about having a Mystery Give-away...once I drew your name...I was able to go to your blog and check out things that you like...I wasn't committed to send something that might not work for you.
I loved doing the Mystery Give-away...will be doing lots more of those.

Also, Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog...I'm gonna try to see how a few things sell on my regular blog...then decide if I should have a selling blog or not.
Have a wonderful day!!!
The Prim Patch

Donna said...

Wow!!! I have been soooooooooooo Dying to see all your Absolutely Awesome...Awesome goodies From Darla Angie!!!!!!! I agree she is a VERY... VERY TALENTED AS WELL AS SUPER SWEET GAL!!!!! Darla GF you Rock!!! I have some things she sent me and I loooooooooove them. So I know you must have been ecstatic when you opened that box of Wonderful Prim Goodies!!!Ang you are one lucky gal as far as Wins...can ya box up some of that luck and send it to some of your blogging buds GF??? (Wink..wink!!) LOL!!!!! Congrats sweetie !!!!!! Hugs!!! .... Donna(Sweet Prairie Dwellings)

Cora said...

Yipee wow! These things are awesome!! I know you love them and they are perfect for you and your style. I love them all.

Let me know when you start the patriotic living room. I have some things you may like because they would fall into the prim look very nicely! I can add them to my Etsy shop!
Have a great weekend!

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

I love all your goodies!! I just got a Clorox bottle for my laundry room :) It was in the box lot I got at the auction. I was so excited to look at the bottom and see that logo. It's so perfect and it went right in the laundry room.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Aren't surprise give a ways fun! They seem to be catching on lately.

Love what you got.


Kat S. said...

Angie, you are on such a lucky streak girl! Congrats! Darla did a wonderful job on her prims. I especially liked the clothespins. What a great idea! I've not seen that before.

Kat S.

the primitive country bug said...

Hi Angie,
What wonderful goodies you got from Darla. Congratulations on your fine winnings. :)
Hugs~ Birgit

Angela said...

Oh my, you received such beautiful items...thanks for sharing.

Leann said...

How great for you. Love the clothes pins and the spool. What a fun win!

Enjoy your weekend!

Americana Lady @Americana By Candlelight said...

You have the cutest prim items. Those clothespins are adorable! I am going to have to visit Darla. Joan

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Man, this is the giveaway win to beat all.....I love everything here.
I am going to try to make the clothespins. I have them stained and ready to wax. I am going to use a coffee can in an old dutch oven to melt my wax. Luckily, we have a summer kitchen where I can store my auction/sales goodies, that has a stove for when we do canning. I can do my waxing out there. I have all my supplies together to grubby candles, too. Just got to find the Oomph to do it. I got some stars similar to that one from Beryl on the blogs. She had a sale and I got them for $2 each and just love them. Your sheep is adorable. I might try to make a pattern like that. More ideas---more projects---you are keeping me busy, girlfriend--at least, I am being inspired! ★ Linda ★

Two Mile Creek Primitives said...

I so love the clothes pins!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!