Friday, January 15, 2010

WOO HOO!! Great deals make me happy!

I've been inspired by so many of you that have hit GW lately with some pretty incredible deals.  So my intention was to hit GW this morning to see what delightful goodies I could walk out of there with.  But instead, I found some wonderful goodies elsewhere...  Gordman's!  It is one of my favorite stores.  My parents gave me a gift card for there for Christmas.  I wanted to go last week when their clearance was an additional 33% off but sadly I didn't make it.  Then I received an email stating that their clearance was an additional 50% off!!  Woo Hoo!  Delighting GREATLY in small pleasures!  =]  Thank you Lord!

That is only part of my purchases!  The two red candlesticks were on clearance for $5 each, so I paid $5 for both!  The Liberty, Freedom, Old Glory candle holder is going to look good in my living room when I re-do it with a primitive patriotic theme, especially since it only cost me $2!  The cute little Welcome Home sign was $2, but I paid $1 for it!  I love the small crock with the blue star hanging on it... $2!  I paid $1 for it!  I so snatched that up in a heartbeat!  The cream/red box with red stars will go in my craft room.  I like buying sturdy boxes like that to store my supplies in... regular $3, paid $1.50 for it.  The three bags of potpourri and naturals were on clearance for $3 each; I paid $1.50 for each bag.  You can never have enough naturals!  They go with anything, anytime, anywhere.  Love to decorate with them.  Oh, and the Noel plate was part of Christmas, which they have at 75% off right now.  It was only $1.75.  They had lots and lots of Christmas plates and a few bowls.  I picked up quite a few, but put them back because my clearance was a better deal.  Hopefully when I go back soon, they will have some left.

But my favorite purchase of all was these delightful, sturdy painted bowls!  They were on clearance for $7.00 so I paid $3.50 for each one!!!

They are 7" tall and 14.5" wide and they are heavy.  So they are pretty good size!  Giddiness abounds!!  =]  The manager was ringing me up.  As he was looking at each final price, he was saying "I love to see these clearance prices."  I said "Oh, if you only knew!!"  Haha!!  I was so excited.  DH wanted to see my purchases.  For some reason he wasn't as giddy as me.  His response was "Where are those going??"  My reply, "Who cares!!  They were only $3.50 for each one!"  I want to keep them together in a set.  I'm thinking about lining them along on my bench.  What do you think?  Display together?  Or separately?

Everything I bought was prim perfect!  I don't see anything I need to change.  Well, I will probably grunge up the frosted candleholders in the Liberty, Freedom, Old Glory candle holder.  It's a little too clean for me.

Feeling oh so fortunate, I headed to GW.  After being at Gordman's, I was let down.  There really weren't any good buys like the jackpot I already hit.  I did find a cross stitch book that had a quarter on it.  When I went to pay for it, she only charged me a dime.  Lol!  My BIG purchase.

Anyway... I'm so excited about my goodies!  Can you tell?!  I just wanted to share.  Now it's time to go play with everything.  =]

Thanks for tuning in.  Ya'll have a blessed weekend~


Leann said...

Hi angie

Just popping by to say hello and thank you for stopping by. What a great blog you have! I just signed up as a follower so that I don't miss a thing.


~Leslie Lemke~ said...

WOW you did good! I love all that you found!

Cora said...

Wow you hit the jackpot too! I read this whole post trying to figure out what GW stood for.....duh! Good Will......
I love everything you got...I want the Noel plate! hehehee :)

Blessings and Good will to all!

Stacy Mathes said...

Oh my goodness! You really did hit the jackpot!I recently went to GW and will have to post some pics soon!

Hayley @ Prim it Up! said...

Great deals!!! Thanks for sharing Angie :D

Willow said...

Wow girlie you hit the JACKPOT !!! Wish we had a gordmans here lol. I did go to GW and got a few good finds. We have 2 GW's here and one of them the prices have sky rocketed. And of course they had all sorts of things I woulda bought BUT not for what they were asking. I swear 7.99 was a standard price on almost everything that even interested me. Oh well. I sure was delighted in seeing your finds =)
Hope your weekend is going GREAT
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Great finds and I sure wish we had a Gordman's near us. Everyone finds such wonderful deals there.

Jo-Anne said...

WOW! Those are some great finds!! I love after Christmas clearance sales. We don't hane a Gordman's here in Tucson, but I think I would be a fan if we did! :)
Take care-

Country Prims said...

Hi, lovely to meet you and thanks so much for your lovely comments and following my blog-I so love to meet like-minded people-this blogland is so amazing!! I love your blog also and love the things you have been working on-the rag balls are so cute!! Great deals you got there and I'll be back soon to visit and to see more of your creations:) I'm a follower!!

the primitive country bug said...

Hi Angie~Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comments. I love visiting new blogs and yours is wonderfu!!
You really hit the mother load with all those wonderful deals. I love the red candle holders~ Beautiful!!
I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.
Hugs & blessings to you~ Birgit

Brenda said...

You did well at Gordman's! I love going there and buying those prims. They have had some great stitcheries there lately also!


Willow said...

Hi Angie....replying to your post from over at my blog. Yepp You are in the right spot. Just go down to add picture click it. Now you need to save a graphic of the giveaway and that's the pic you will use. Also go to the blog click on their giveaway and copy th web address from the web address know where ya type www. lol copy that so you can paste the link there.where it says http:// just clear that out and paste the addy. Then just title and what ever caption you want .click save and your done. Need more help email me at
Hope that helped out
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Willow said...

Woooooot Wooooooot You did it !!!!! So proud of ya' =0) IF you EVER need help you just hollar okie dokie !!!! Email me or IM me on yahoo messenger my email addy is
yahoo IM ID willowbendprims
If I'm awake and on I'm more that willing ta help ya out hun. Thanks for postin it !!!!! I appreciate it Ohhhh and your a good student A ++ for you lol.....TTUS
Prim Huggs n Blessins

The Old Cupboard Door said...

Whoo-Hoo and Wow! What a deal you got Girlie! Those finds are fabulous. I'm not familiar with the store where you found them, but I wish we had one here! I'm so glad you found my blog, it gave me the opportunity to find your blog, both of them, and I love your blogs! I'm looking forward to reading them and seeing what you come with next.

Joyful Blessings!

Brenda said...

Hi Angie, thanks so much for the great comments on my blog!! And thanks for following also! How can you work at Hobby Lobby and still come home with a paycheck??? My gosh, there is no way I could do!!!



Angie...send me your email address and I will send directions for the heart Judy

Alana Jo said...

Those are awesome deals. LOVE the bowls and candle holders.

the primitive country bug said...

Hi Angie~
Yes, by all means feel free to copy the idea on the Old Rugged Cross framed print. I saw a few in the Shaker Workshops catalog and they were selling for about $25.00 but, true to my nature I thought "I can make that". And, so I did. :)
I'd like to use some other old hymns and make more. The frame cost me $2.99 at GW and the rest was just paper and ink that I had on hand. Quite a savings for sure!
If you make one, I hope you post a picture of it.
Hugs~ Birgit

Pam said...

I do have to say that Gordmans is my all time favorite place to's a good thing that it's not super close to my house cuz I'd be there! Not only do they have awesome & very well priced prims but they also sell my all time favorite Silver jeans for way cheaper than anywhere else! Gordmans ROCKS!!!
Girl you did hit the jackpot...I can just imagine the happiness you were feeling while the cashier was ringing up your goodies! Those bowls are awesome & for $3.50!!! I like the idea of putting them on your bench together...can't wait to see where you put all of your goodies!