Friday, January 8, 2010

Paper Pulp? Anyone?

I'm so excited about my after Christmas purchases!!  It's not really much, but I'm looking forward to making something.

I work at Hobby Lobby in Tulsa, OK.  These 3 1/4" smoothfoam stars came 4 to a package for $3.99.  They were 90% off.  After that, I got my 15% off employee purchase.  So these came out to 9 cents for each star!!

I get really excited about great deals!  =]  Anyway, I was thinking about securing a homespun loop with a pin to make an ornie and covering it with paper pulp.  I've seen 100% paper pulp where you just add water but I've never tried it before.  Anyone mess with that kind of stuff before?  Literally... I know it will be a mess!

Then I really got excited when I saw these candy canes!!

They are going to be so adorable wrapped in homespun!  They were also 9 cents for each piece.  Since I bought 14 packages and ended up with 56 of them, I thought I could do the paper pulp on some of these too.

For my flea market booth, I bought lots of packages of pre-made gift tags to sell separately.

These were different prices with different quanitites in them.  They came out to be 1 cent to 2 cents for each tag!  Crazy-ness!  I could  sell them for a dime and still make $$!

One thing I have discovered about the flea market is that I sell lots of things that I break open from a package.  I always look for bags of neat little things, and then I pour them in a glass bowl, bucket or basket that I'm selling.  Little bitty alphabet blocks went like crazy!  So did my glass Easter eggs last year.

I haven't hit the flea market since school football started back in August.  I'm having withdrawals!!  My plan is to start back up this month and go at least two Saturdays a month. It's a lot of work to set up and pack up afterwards... but I thoroughly enjoy it! My partner in crime is going to be sailing away on a two week trip/cruise to Hawaii for her 50th birthday, so I'm on my own this month. Oh well, I'll still have the vendors beside me to keep me company.


Kindra said...

Welcome to blogging! I love your background and header. :) Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment. It's great to find "friends" online with the same interests. :) Have a great day!

Alana Jo said...

WTG! Those are some great deals!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good evening Angie!

Your bargains are awesome! Way to go and lucky you to work there.

YES, I HAVE USED PAPER PULP AND LOVE IT!!!! I made some snowman heads from it last year and also some picks - it's sooooo easy to work with too. So go for it.

I'm now following you and added you to my blog list!

Hugs, Karen

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Hi Angie, Thanks for visit my blog and for your words about it! I hope you enjoy your new visits. I love having new friends. Welcome to the "blog land". Love your header picture. Hugs, Evelyn

Willow said...

Wow Angie you got some awesome deals !!! I just know I'd NOT have a paycheck left if I worked there lol.Paper pulp is great to work with. So is air dry clay. Ohhhh I don't know if your HL carries it but I've bought it at mine's called Paper Perfect. It's like a paper paint basically. It's ready to use. It might work as well.
Hope the rest of your week is wonderful !!!!
Prim Huggs n Blessins