Sunday, August 16, 2015

Turquoise & Burlap Vases

Hi friends!  Funny thing happened... the next day after my last post, my laptop died.  No saving it but it was time for it to go.  I was so disappointed though because I was ready to get back to blogging.  It's really, really hard to blog on a cell phone so another break from blogging was my only option.  I have a new laptop (thanks sweet hubby!) and back in business again.

I've been doing a little upcycling on some pieces for my booth.  I had a couple of left over vases from a garage sale that I had awhile back.  So I decided to pretty them up rather than send them off to goodwill.  Here is the before:

Turquoise and burlap are popular right now so I added a touch of each to create this:

Another before:

The after (which already sold, I was surprised at how quick it went):

The kids went back to school last week.  It's time to finally do some deep cleaning around the home as it's been put off for a couple of years.  But the best part of all is that I'm back to creating and blogging.  I'm grateful for the time I had to focus on my family and thankful to be back doing what I love so much!  Thanks for stopping by, have a delightful week~


Fran. said...

YAY Angie I don't blog as much either lately. Seems like my summer has been so crazy good and has flown by!! My daughter came home from Connecticut for 10 days!! But she got a job there after finishing her masters!! I wish it wasn't so darn far away!! I have been on a few trips around the thumb of Mich. Just got back from the yard sale trail around the thumb. It's a blast we stayed in a bed n breakfast. Back to reality now. I have some special orders to work on!! I am so jazzed that you are creating again!! Love the up cycled vases!! You are so right that people love aqua and burlap together!! Will talk to ya soon!! XOXO Love Fran. said...

Hi Angie: I LOVE YOUR BLOG! So interesting and I loved reading about your family. Nice work on the vases.
Blessings, Joy of

Kim Orcutt said...

Love your vases! I am not surprised one sold so quickly :)

Karen Martinsen said...

Hi Angie
I am like you with blogging anymore - but I hope now that summer is on its way out I can settle down and get to it!
Your creations are wonderful - a little paint and fabric and most anything can be brought back to life...very nice and I see why it sold!
So glad to see you back blogging - I have always enjoyed your posts even though it takes me awhile to get here lol
Blessings and yes, come on Fall!!

Coffee, Jesus, and Junk said...

Hey Angie, I never knew you had a blog, so glad I found it!- I loved reading this! I have a blog also, Go check it out and leave me some love on there! 😘 I'm knew at all this blogging stuff, but it's so fun!!

- whit