Thursday, March 12, 2015

Remember Me?!

Hi friends, remember me?  I've been hit and miss for the past couple of years and MISSING you all like crazy!  I've been cleaning up my blog this week.  Got rid of the Feedly reader, that thing was more of a headache than it helped.  I see that some of my blog friends have closed their blogs or have been absent for a long time like I was.  It saddens me, but I'm VERY grateful for you that are still here.

I've had to take an unintentional break to tend to my family.  Family first always.  After just a few weeks of my youngest's 2nd grade year in 2013, we had to pull him with issues we had with the school. We've been homeschooling him for 2nd and 3rd grade.  That elementary school was only for those two grades so he moves on to a new elementary school for 4th grade.  I met with the principal recently and he's set to go back to public school for 4th grade.  I'm pretty excited about it because I get my life back and the little guy is excited to be with his friends again.  I APPLAUD you homeschooling moms.  Whew, this is time consuming stuff.  I'm just not patient enough for this but when it comes to your kids, you do what needs to be done.  My older two kids went to these same schools (there are 5 total in our district) for all their lives so I'm confident in putting Robbie back into public school.  It ended up being a blessing in disguise though because I was able to work with him so much to get his reading back to where he should be (actually above grade level now, thank you Jesus!).

My oldest son has been home from Army training for 3 months now.  He's been getting back to civilian life.  Ryan is a chaplain's assistant which works well with what he wants to do... youth ministry and sports chaplain.  No job yet but he is doing some networking with some area youth pastors and getting his resume out.  Once he gets a job and gets established, he's planning on moving out.  His Guard pay alone is not enough to move out yet.  I told him that he needs to make sure he is ready to move out because once he's gone, rooms are being arranged, and I will finally have a crafting room again!  Haha!  If you follow me on Pinterest, I've been pinning room ideas like crazy and already organizing my things.

Well, I wasn't planning on a family update but might as well finish off with the middle child.  Amariah just turned 16 but she took driver's ed at school which put her behind on getting her license on her actual birthday.  She'll be getting it next month.  My babies are growing up!

Anyway... crafting and creating has taken a back seat for the past couple of years.  It has always been my way to relax.  No wonder I'm so uptight, lol!  I rented a booth with a friend at The Grapevine in Claremore, OK last year.  It was hard to keep up with it though while working part time at the Lodge, homeschooling, football, basketball, and golf was going on.  We just pulled out last week but it was a neat place and a fun time.  This picture was taken when I first moved in, my friend wasn't in here yet.

I'm going back to Claremore towards the end of summer to get another booth.  My Etsy has taken a break also so I'm planning on opening it back up.  I have seriously missed crafting so very much!  My dslr camera is broke so I have only been taking pictures with my phone.  They're decent but it sure is hard to blog without pictures.  =/ 

It sure felt good to get back to blogging.  I have always loved it.  Even when others were leaving to go to facebook, I knew I'd always be here.  I might have to take some leaves of absences, haha, but I will always come back.  If you still follow me, THANK YOU so MUCH for staying with me while I was gone!  Looking forward to getting around to everyone's blog and seeing what you've been up to these past couple of years.  I'm grateful for our friendships that God has blessed me with~ 


Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

Angie I'm still here following your blog. I haven't blogged in years and I've been thinking about starting again I miss it too. Hope you have a great weekend!!!


Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I've noticed that so many blogging friends haven't updated their blogs in months or sad.

bettyj said...

Angie nice to see you blogging. Bloggers have left right and left and I miss them. I have often thought of quitting but am still plugging on. People don't comment much either. I cannot believe your son is ready to move. He was in high school, a freshman I believe when I started reading your blog. I love his chosen profession and God will bless him. Our youth need good role models.

Sweet Sue said...

of course, hiya angie:) i also puttered, sputtered and finally stalled in my blog postings, simply ran outta time ~ but still following along. nice to see you here again:)

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Angie ~ it so nice hearing from you ~ I enjoyed reading your post and catching up with you!
It's so sad to see that so many people have left blogging ~ but totally understand it is time consuming.
Looking forward to hearing from you again!

Ronda Tedder said...

Hi Angie,,wonderful to read your post, I come and go, so many places to be, so little time. xoxo ~ronda

Prims By The Water said...

Glad to have you back. I too have seen many blogging buddies disappear. Janice

Angela said...

Hello Angie and welcome back to blogging. So many have given up on blogs and moved on so it's good to see ones coming back. I don't always have wonderful and interesting news, but have made so many friends on here and have actually got to meet several on my journys. Can't wait to visit with you. Have a great weekend.

Cindi said...

Hi Angie! Good to catch up with you and welcome back to blogging! There are a few of us left but yes it is sad how many have moved on. Have a great one!
Be blessed,

BumbleBeeLane said...

So good to see you.I was deleting blogs that haven't posted in a long time a few days ago.I got to yours and just couldn't say good bye yet, and here you are.LoL.. Life does get so busy at times but I've always loved to take a moment away with my blog friends. Warm Blessings!~Amy

Kim Orcutt said...

Hi Angie! I've been hit and miss the past couple years too. Trying hard to get back at it :) Sounds like all is well with you and your family!

Friendship Crossing said...

Hi Angie, I've missed you on here and enjoyed your post very much.
I haven't had time to blog much anymore either since taking on a part-time job over a yr. ago and now getting more hrs.
I think sometimes that life and children, whether grown or younger, get in the way of our plans, but I still want to get back into it again eventually. Sort of lost my stitching mojo lately and having a hard time getting back into it again, so sometimes I feel like I don't have anything to blog about.
Great catching up w/you again!
Take care!


Danielle Giannandrea said...

Hi Angie, so nice to read this post and do some catching up! Glad all is well ♥ Spring is the perfect time for new projects and adventures! Have a wonderful week! XO

Karen Martinsen said...

Welcome back my friend!
You surely were missed!!!!
I have to admit I have not been as faithful posting on my blog but not because I don't have the time but I just haven't done, got, gone - any of those things to make an interesting post.

I too am on FB but not as much as some and still prefer BLOGS to FB. More personal.

You certainly have had your plate full but came through it with flying colors! Good for you.
Your family sure is growing - hope you do a picture update sometime of them.

I'm happy for you that you can again get back to crafting. It's not only fun but for me it's therapeutic.


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I just did a post and popped over here to see if you had posted! :) Great minds, think a like! I missed blogging, too....

Bear Hugs~Karen

Shari said...

Hi Angie, so glad to see you're back..I need to get back to Blogging myself. :) Look forward to your posts!

Denise said...

Love your blog... I am not far from you in Ada Oklahoma. Lived in Tulsa (SandSprings) for many years before moving home to care for aging parents. I have retired this past winter from my home based business. I did embroidery and graphic design with screen printing. I am not learning to make primitive dolls and love it. I have tried over the years to retire but it seems I always took another job and then another job but now I have given all my customers away and so glad I did. I have been making dolls off and on for a few years but now I can jup right in full time..... I am a blogger from way back but seem to have gotten off track a bit. So I am out looking at primitive blogs and came across yours........ Nice to meet you and I am going to put your blog on my prim list so I can come back often...

JoAnn SweetPepperRose said...

Hi, found your blog when someone Pinned your bowls rubbed with the Briwax - Love the the colors your chose and they look great. I've never heard of the stuff and was searching for PRIM items for my booth. Will be buying some if I can find it. And by the way, your booth set up looks nice!