Thursday, January 12, 2012

Antiquing in Wagoner

Chilly here today, our coldest day of the winter so far.  We even have an inch of snow on the ground from last night, our first of the season.  A fire is steadily going in the fireplace, heating up the home.  I set up a little table by the fire with my sewing machine so I can spend the week making some more of these...

I appreciate all the advice and tips I received from so many of you.  I think my little sawdust quilt pillow turned out cute.  I still need to hand stitch the opening where I stuffed it with a sawdust pillow, you can see it on the left in the picture above.  I found a way to make it work and it truly is something that the pioneers would do... I'll be back later with details on how I did it.

My friend Katie and I went to an antique mall in Wagoner, a town where we had not been antiquing yet.  I found this mini strainer for $2.  It's only about 3" and so darn cute!  I have never seen one so small.

What would one use such a little piece for?  To strain into a mason jar?  It really looks tiny with the rest of my strainer/sifter collection.

I was so excited to find this awesome slaw cutter at a great price!  I have been looking at them all year long but the prices have been more than I want to pay.  I haven't found any that are hinged like this.  We found 3 hinged slaw cutters in that one little mall!

It had a $20 price tag, marked down to $10!!  So I grabbed it!  I just LOVE old wood patina.

This lovely (not!) sewing basket was marked down to $2.50.  I'm not into dragons, especially ones that are falling apart...

But... the inside of this sewing basket is a beautiful worn blue velour fabric and looks much better displayed like this...
The jar of antique buttons was part of a Christmas gift from my niece (we draw names).  I love the little size of it, so cute!

I'll be back soon with a post about RAK's: Random Acts of Kindness.  =]

Time for me to get hopping.  My middle school daughter has a basketball game in a town 1 hour away!!  =/  That's not even round trip.  It's gonna take us a good solid hour driving on the interstate with a speed limit of 75 to get there.  Yuck!!  That's all I have to say about that.  But I will do anything for my baby girl so it's time to get the cupcakes baking.  I bake treats for the team for them to have after every game.  Just a little something to show that we love them and support them.

I hope you all are staying warm and cozy inside your homes during this winter storm blast we had last night.  I noticed on the radar that it started way down in Oklahoma with us and went straight north all the way to Canada, it was a huge stretch as it swept across the US.  My first thought was of you, all my blogging friends... hoping  you were safe and warm in your homes.  Bundle up girls~


TheRustyThimble said...

WELL BURRR is right today in Oklahoma Angie, wow we have had wonderful weather this winter, I knew it was too good to last LOL. No snow here though. Hope the girls Win their game.


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I love how you displayed you sewing basket! I am looking forward to seeing more things made out of your quilt pieces. Good luck to the girls, hope they win and stay safe out on the road.

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Tolentreasures said...

It's cold here and the snow is to start at midnight, 2 - 4 inches for here by morning. Your finds are wonderful. Love that little strainer and I am a sucker for sewing baskets. I found one before Christmas at an antique store for $5, filled to the brim and took it to the counter. Another customer wanted it and paid me $20 to let her buy it. I succumbed, spent the $20 elsewhere! Still wishing I would have bought it for $5 myself.
Stay warm!


jennifer768 said...

Angie I love the cute little sifter and that great slaw cutter! I sure think that the way you displayed your sewing basket looks great.

Please be careful driving up for the game, can't be fun with snow and cold.We are expecting snow a little later on today.

Have a blessed day!Hugs,Jen

Sheila said...

Hi Angie!
love all your finds, especially the cute strainer! It's dang cold here today, started off at 3 degrees, but hey, the sun is shining!
Have fun at the game.

Cora said...

Love all the things you found!! I would have bought them too!! You could take that basket and cover that ugly design with some small silk or paper flowers and it would look great!
No speeding now!! Be safe!!

Connie said...

Great finds Angie and I LOVE that pillow!

It's cold and snowing like crazy here in northern Ontario so we're all tucked in and staying in!

Take care driving!


Hi Angie,
I love that little strainer. It is just the cutest thing ever. The slaw cutter is great too. i am with you on the dragon. we had lotsa rain from the storm, but the cold and snow are on the way. That is so nice of you to make treats for the girls. Hope you have a delightful night at the game. Hugs,

A Primitive Homestead said...

I have a slaw cutter that is hinged on my stove board. I thought they were all hinged. Learned something new today. Sweet little strainer. I agree it would be perfect for a mason jar. Wonderful little pillow. Working by the fire sounds so cozy. The real pioneer way. Prayer lifted for safe traveling my friend. Good luck to your team. Go girls. Blessings!

lilraggedyangie said...

Angie , safe journeys for you and your family tonight and the families of all the kids ! Love the slaw cutter and a fair price but Im loving the strainer so darling ! gotta love finding a new place to shop! Have a great evening ! Stop over im having a give away ! hugs lilraggedyangie

Angela said...

Angie, what a great way to spend the day, exploring and antiquing with a friend. And woozers what some great things you found. Love the display in the sewing basket. Don't you love getting a gift from someone who put forth a special effort to give something just for your taste? Love the little jar with the old buttons. How thoughtful of your niece. Love the slaw cutter and that cute little strainer. Be careful on your travels tonight and good luck to your daughter's ball team. Stay warm.

Cheyenne said...

Today I wish I lived closer to you! :) I wish I could 'antique' with you, watch your daughter play ball and cozy up by the fire! Maybe we are sharing the same storm?!

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

It's been cold and snowy here. Yesterday it was 12F and the kids were NUTS to go outside. (My son and his friends.)

I think your sawdust pillow looks wonderful. I want to make something a little similar, but for the seats of our dining chairs. I'm sure someday I will take pics and post about our irritating chairs.

Such great items you found! The bottom of the basket is a little scary, but good for you to still give it a home, in a new way.

Have a safe drive!! And I hope her game goes well. :)

Prim blessings,

Jan said...

Hi Angie,
Your little pillow turned out cute--glad you made the little inner pillow. We are waiting for the storm here. It is supposed to hit here tonight so we did all our running today after my Dr. appointment. We're getting ice tonight, snow for 3 days after. Drive safely and hope your daughter sees a victory!!
Jan-Life on Buttermilk Hill

bettyj said...

Love that mini strainer. would it have been a childs? A salesman's sampple? Never saw one that small.

frontporchprims said...

Oh how nice to sew next to the stove. I would love that so much. I think the things you got at the antique mall are perfect. That lil' strainer is so cute. I think it looks perfect among all the rest. I am happy you finally got your slaw cutter. I would have grabbed as fast as I could too with a price tag like that. The patina is so pretty. Any way the inside of your basket is so pretty. Love the button jar too. It's very cute. Good luck with the driving. I bet your daughter is so happy to have you support her (and the cupcakes too). Take care.

cynthia lee designs said...

Oh Angie...I love your sewing goodies!! Cute little stainer! Great deal on the old slaw cutter!
We are getting snow here now...they are calling for about 4 inches by tomorrow afternoon. Be safe traveling to the have brought back memories of when my youngest daugther played basketball.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Looks like we have very similar tastes. Love-love-love the tiny sifter/strainer. I have several cutters, too.
Be careful out there in this awful weather!

Faye Henry said...

I loved your posting, Angie.. I love old things.. Your basket is sweet..
We had quite a snow storm here in Eastern Canada ... I can do without snow.. smile..
God bless dear friend..

BumbleBeeLane said...

The sewing basket lid would look neat covered maybe do a pinkeep top with some of the old quilt pieces you have.We have a winter freeze coming through the next couple of days,I love it because I can stay cozy Blessings!~Amy

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Hi Angie,
Love all your finds, the strainer is too cute! All of your groupings look great :D

I love the colors of your first pillow. All that staining was worth it ;)

We are in the midst of a snow storm right now. We might just make up for lost time this weekend. Many yards around here have been just grass for a long time, that's unreal around here!

Have a great weekend,

Pokey said...

Such fun stuff on display, right down to the sweet canning jar of buttons! I've had this page opened since you posted, but only found time to read it all today. I do enjoy all the cool vintage collections you find and share. Hope you have a great weekend~

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

The weather is really mild, just perfect in CA! Love your basket! You made me giggle about lifting the laundry soap jar and smell the freshness! I do the same! LOL! Sisters at heart!


Holly said...

Hi Angie! I am now a follower of your blog! You can send some of that snow down to GA. We would be delighted. Love all of your finds. Sounds like that was a very fun trip. Hope your daughter's team won their game. Have a good weekend!

Kristen said...

Its' freezing here, 6 degree's when I left for work.
I have not heard of a sawdust pillow , is it stuffed with sawdust?

Lillie Mae Acres said...

Hey there Angie. I love your shopping goodies. That little strainer must be for jars, I've never seen one this small either. You're blessed to have stores/malls near you like this because we don't. Hubby and I drive to Alabama a few times a year and plunder thru some of our favorite antique malls there...also flea mkts. We're having a very mild January so far, warmer than usual weather then a few very cold days/nights in between. Have a blessed week!