Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Needing some laundry room advice please!

I worked in my laundry room yesterday and I need to know what you think.  I'm thinking about moving the Apothecary sign up a little.  I'm still working on it.  I have a couple more things to put on the shelf and I also have a jar full of my waxed clothespins to add.  A few of the old sewing notions that I recently got at a garage sale will make their appearance here too.

I have been on the lookout for some old ironing boards.  I want a big one to lean against this cabinet and a smaller one to set on top.  I found a few of the big ones at my favorite antique mall, I just couldn't decide which one to bring home with me.

I am so blessed to own two of my mom's dresses that she wore when she was a baby.  They are at least 75 years old and still in great shape!  I treasure them so very much!!

Along with my mom's treasured dresses, I am so honored to display some precious handmades by some of my sweetest blog friends!
  • Adorable little cupcake pinkeep that I won last spring from Lucy over at The Farmer's Attic.
  • Neat wooden spool with antiqued tape measure ribbon and waxed clothespins (that started my wax obsession!) that I won last year from Darla over at The Prim Patch.  Thank you Darla for getting me hooked on wax, lol!
  • Darling little baby shoe pinkeep that I won last year from Linda over at Parker's Paradise.  Sweet Linda also recently gifted me with the wonderful ditty bag hanging on the peg.
Don't you just love surrounding your home with wonderful handmades by dear friends?  I see these things on a daily basis and my friends immediately come to mind... even over a year later.  Thank you dear friends!

Okay, now that I took a walk down memory lane... please be brutally honest with me and tell me what you think I need to do.  I am going to soften it up a little with some greenery and of course I have to add some berries in there somewhere to stick with my Berry theme.

Looking forward to antiquing with some friends all day Friday and then scrapbooking with them all night!

Thanks in advance for your visit and help.  I wish you a blessed week~


Anonymous said...

I think it looks like. I'm not much with arranging though. It is nice just to see things that bring emotions from the past! I noticed the little wash board. Thankfully we don't use that any more! So many blessings~ ")

renee said...

Hi Angie,
You are blessed to have a finished laundry room! Mine is not finished.
I like your dresses and shoe keep, and all your spools.
The only thing I can say would be this is just me~ I think you need a bigger shelf. I would do that because your little dresses seem kinda scrunched in on that little shelf. Does this make sense?
I like the idea of using the ironing board! Maybe someday, I'll get mine finished, there are so many other things that need to be done first! LOL!
I hope that you are having a great week!

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Hi Angie,
I think your display looks very nice. I do agree with you that the Apothecary sign does need to go up a bit, but other than that I love the look. Your moms dresses are so sweet and to still have them is such a great heirloom.
Thanks for sharing!

TheRustyThimble said...

Angi I love it just like it is. It is wonderful to have the dresses your mom wore, how sweet, I love old sewing notions too, hope you have stayed safe with all the oklahoma storms Hugs

Dani said...

I think it looks very nice...only either move the sign or move the little basket that hides part of the writing to one side..other than that, its great!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Oh how cute! I would move the sign up so that it is above the tallest things on the shelf and would move the tin type try up, also. I think you will like it better. I love decorating with old things.

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

No, no---don't move the sign. Move the basket. A lot of people hang things too high. The center of your vignette should be eye level.
I left you my suggestions on Facebook. I have a real nice label--already prim and grungy--says 'Granny's Old Time Washing Water' with a picture of Granny with an old-fashioned wash tub. I could drop it in the mail ASAP. Let me know!

Pokey said...

It is all so adorable, Angie, yep, I would move the basket, too, not the shelf. Set the basket by the spool, and put your pincushion cupcake down lower.
Either way you go, it's a winner. I like the grunge candle in with the buttons, also. :-}pokey

Friendship Crossing said...

I love it when a room finally comes together. I would move the sign up just a little if it were me. Maybe try moving things around first just to get an idea cuz sometimes all it takes is a little tweaking.
It's wonderful to be surrounded by the things/items you love. How nice!


*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

I think it looks wonderful, how great to have your mom's dresses!! how much fun Friday sounds for & scrapbooking! can I come too?? LOL If you have a minute check out a new post on my blog, I'm looking for some ideas for a problem wall in my kitchen. Have a great time on Friday!! ~Kriss~

Liz said...

Oh how adorable this room is! I love all the dresses of your moms. I wouldnt mind doing laundry if I had your laundry room lol

Anonymous said...

I think the sign looks great where it is too. Move the basket maybe? Your display is really pretty!