Friday, November 5, 2010

Amariah's hot pink & lime green bedroom, part 1

Excuse the lighting in the pictures.  I wanted to share what my 11 year old daughter Amariah and I did with her room over fall vacation last month.  The two boys spent the week with Grandma and Grandpa in MO so it was perfect timing for us to concentrate on her room.  We had so much fun doing it too!

We talked about painting the walls hot pink and lime green but we decided all her accents would blend in and wouldn't "pop out".  So the decision was made to keep the walls a neutral color.  Honestly, I was a wee bit disappointed because I thought it would be so much fun to paint with those colors since the rest of my home is neutral and dark colors to go with my primitives and antiques.

This post will be the makeovers of some new/existing pieces and then I'll do another post with the finished room.

She had seen this lamp back in the summer at Hobby Lobby.  When we were in there buying ribbon, trims, and fabric; we noticed that it was 66% off so we couldn't pass it up, right?

It's a very cute lamp but white just doesn't work with her room so we took it off and bought a lime green boa that we cut up and hot glued in its place.  Much better!

Under the lamp picture (with the white boa) is a red fabric covered bulletin board that I bought at 90% off one year after Christmas.  I covered it in a cute yellow gingham back when A's room was yellow & white with daises & bumblebees.  Now we are using it for her next stage, the pre-teen stage of her room.  This is the fabric she picked out for it:

She picked up some cute buttons at Joann's that she wanted to use on the board.  The thrifty shopper that I am training her to be... the buttons are the only thing that we paid full price for.  I already had the ribbon in my crafting stash.  The finished piece:

All the furniture in her room belonged to my husband's grandmother so I'm thrilled that she is getting to grow up with it.  This vanity chair was covered in what appears to be a sheet (some of my FIL's handy work, lol).

A picked out this cute fabric to cover it.  We didn't screw the seat back to the frame yet because we are going to paint her furniture white again.  I hope to start that next week!  Realistically, it'll probably be next spring but I'm gonna try for sooner.  We also bought some really cute hot pink trim with little bead dangles to add right under the seat to dress it up a bit.

One last little makeover to show.  She received this neat board for Christmas last year but it's never matched anything so it's been stuck in the closet.

We took out the fabric covered bulletin part

A picked out some pink polka dot fabric to cover it in and some pretty cute ribbon to stripe it.  Then she added a little wooden piece to the upper corner.  I forgot to get a close-up picture of it.  Now she loves it!
One of my favorite things in her room is her name spelled out on chipboard that a very good friend added scrapbook paper and embellishments to.  Marie did a fantastic job on it and even asked me if she could do it because she wanted to play around.  She wouldn't even let me pay her for any of it.  It's so very sweet and most definitely the focal point of A's room!  Amariah saw that poster and wanted to add it to her room.  The poster and poster frame were 50% off at Hobby Lobby.

I'll be back soon with the rest of her room.  I know... you all are so excited you just can't wait, lol.  We really enjoyed our time together... shopping, eating out, talking, laughing, and even working.

I am grateful that God blessed me with a beautiful, loving daughter.  I see so much of me in her.  I pray for her and her future daily and I hope one of these days I'll be helping her with her daughter's room.  =]


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Can't wait to see the finished room! Everything looks great so far!

Angie Berry said...

Thank you Kim! Thanks for stopping by!

Angela said...

Ok girl..just saw this too,,lol. I think it is lime green and bubble gum pink (very light pink) is what Shaneah has on her walls...