Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Yes Cora, you do live in a beautiful state!

Our fabulous condo right on the beach at Gulf Shores.

The main bedroom with king size bed and its own bathroom was occupied by my nephew and his family.

Another bedroom with two twin beds occupied by my parents.  I hate that they had separate beds but they insisted.  I guess after almost 57 years of marriage, it's okay for them to sleep apart for a few days.  Hehe!

Then our bedroom consisted of a queen size bed which was just perfect for Amariah, Robbie, and I.

Can you tell we're a little excited?  We have been to the beach lots of times, but this is our first condo right on the beach!  Robbie took a pretty good picture for a 4.5 year old.

Our cute little bathroom

Our main living area.  My two sisters slept on the comfy couches.

Our balcony

Our gorgeous view of the ocean

There was an empty lot beside us so our corner was so serene, so quiet especially at night.

Heading to the beach!  I just love this picture of the lil' guy trying his hardest to walk in the deep sand in his flip flops.  It's hard when you have little legs.

Our first sight of the ocean.  Grandma is checking on us to see if we're still coming.

YAH!  Robbie made it!  Actually, I don't know what he's doing in this picture, I think he's just so excited to FINALLY make it to the beach because we had been telling him for four days that we were going to the beach.  His hourly question was "When will we be at the beach?".  I'm so glad he made it because he had the best time!

I think we were ALL excited about finally making it to the beach and seeing a blue ocean and white sand.  We were worried about the oil being everywhere.  I'll be back later with more pictures and even some of the tar balls.

I'm grateful for a beautiful place for our family to visit and make such wonderful lasting memories.


Jill said...

You are so lucky! The last time i had a place on the Ocean side was 4 years ago right after Kathleen was born. I always feel so peaceful watching the water. Thank you for sharing those great pictures! Looks like a great time!

Cora said...

Welcome to my Home Sweet Home Alabama!! Don't you just love a beautiful white sandy wonder Robbie kept asking. The beach is one of the funnest places to go as a child or adult! There is something so relaxing about it.
Please, please come back to visit us again! =)

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

What beautiful pictures! I can see why you had such a wonderful time!!

Cheyenne said...

Aw, I would love to visit Alabama someday.....these pics are fantastic. Great memories!