Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Etsy? Selling blog?

Okay girls... I need some input please!  Which would you recommend?  An Etsy account or a selling blog?  Do you have any pros and cons you can throw my way for either of these?

What about buying?  Which do you prefer to buy from?  I know how easy it is to buy from a selling blog.  What about Etsy?  Is it easy to buy from?

I'm leaning towards a selling blog because I have more control over it, listing the items I want.  Of course, not having to pay the fees is nice too but you miss out on the Etsy exposure.

So please share with me any experience you deem necessary for me to know.  I would appreciate your help concerning this matter.

Thank you and have a great day!  =]


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie!
IMHO go for the selling blog. In my experience, even when people say they have an Etsy, they can be hard to find. It could be me, but unless you really get the whole thing and are good at computers. I don't like the format either.
I think you would do better with a pretty blog, and you can change it up whenever you want!
Just my 2 cents.

PS...Love your blog background.

Christine said...

Hi Angie - seems like we were reading the same page! I too was thinking along the same lines as you but would probably prefer the selling blog for personal control!
Hope this helps!

TheRustyThimble said...

Angie as you probably know I have both...I am not toatlly thrilled with etsy but at only 20 cents a listing and no selling fees it isnt bad also you do get exposure. The key to selling on etsy is suppose to be all the tags you use in the description you can use up to 11 in a listing. prims folkart doll home decor etc. the list just goes on.........then you need to change up your featured items It doesn't hurt to try both. I almost closed mine but I haven't worked with it the way I should and with the holiday buying season so close I thought I would at least try. A selling blog is great but you have to get exposure and really get it out there also.
contact me if you have questions or need any help. I do the monthly online special sales and they are my bread and butter I do great with them.

Brenda said...

Hi Angie....I have an etsy account but have also been thinking about a selling blog. I just gotta make my mind up. I don't sell anything very often on etsy, probably cuz I don't do a lot of promoting it. It is cheap for listings though.

By the way, I am still working on that "huge" cross stitching project...lol!! I do a couple of stitches everyday....ha!!


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Hi Angie
I have an Etsy shop and I've been happy with it especially seeing it only cost .20 per listing. I haven't thought much about a selling blog and I don't know what all is involved in setting one up.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I can never find the shop I want on Etsy, but my daughter shops there. I prefer the selling blog idea myself. Feels much more personal..

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
I have a selling blog. I did really well last year selling alot through it...but right now I don't have anything listed on it. Need to get busy on that here real soon.
I set up an etsy account, but have never listed anything on it. I'm trying to decide if I want to sell items on both places.

Leann said...

Hi Angie

First let me thank you for all of your prayers and support these past weeks! I really appreciate everything!

Now, I can't really help you re: Etsy vs selling Blog. I find the blog more personal, so I guess my vote is blog.

Enjoy your weekend!

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

How fun to find your blog, Angie! And with such a timely post too. I'm working toward starting a selling blog and I always find it helpful to hear/read others' opinions.

As for house projects... we're die hard DIY people too. Always have been. It's really the only way for us to make the kind of improvements we want. I agree there's a lot of pride and satisfaction in that. We sure have learned a lot!

Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments!

Cora said...

Good luck with which ever you choose to do.

Come by and visit me, I have something for you on my May 13th post!! :)

yorkie's primitives said...

Hi Angie, I would go with both. That way you can see which profits more and then close one or the other if you don't want both. Etsy is so cheap to sell on and it does give you more exposure. your selling blog is free so you would only be out what little expense that etsy charges. You may find out that having both is a good thing. Hope this helps, Valerie

Brenda said...

Hey Angie...thanks for stopping by. Thanks also for the lovely comments on the candle mats. The wood thing in that first picture is a napkin holder. Have a great week!!