Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunset on the beach and pretty flowers

Well, I wanted to blog about my weekend experience at the "Extraordinary Women" retreat and share a couple of pictures but I'm not figuring out how to download the pictures from my son's camera.  So... I thought I would blog a little more about Mexico and come back to Ewomen soon.

Do these people realize how fortunate they are to have open restaurants like this??  I can't imagine living in a town that is full of them, especially the ones ON the beach!  Our table of 11 good friends had three countries represented:  Canada, United States, and Mexico.

A few building/flower combinations that I just love...

My favorite!

Random... but I love the pelicans

Dad told us that he made this cool sand sculpture while he was waiting on us (we kept stopping to take pictures along the beach).  I tried to get him to pose with it, but he wouldn't.  He cracks me up!

Sunset on the beach.  My most favorite part of the whole trip.  I so wanted my lovely there with me.  I missed him so much on this trip, but never more than I did at sunset.  It. was. beautiful.

The sun going down.

I thought it interesting how the sky was a brilliant gold where the sun went down, but on the other side of the cove the mountains were showing bits of purples and pinks.  It was gorgeous!

Look at this blue streak in the sky.  Isn't it amazing?!  I just kept looking at it and praising God for all His wonder!

I love this beautiful hue.  It was a stunning sight!

The next morning, I awoke to this.

We had lunch at LaTerraza.

Then went for a walk.

And now for a splash of color

We couldn't tell if this flower was wilting or that's the way it's supposed to be.  It showed no signs of a dying plant, it was strange.  It was velvety soft to the touch.

I've been showing all the beauty of Mexico so I thought I would show a picture of reality.  Just like I was saying in my last post... beauty was all around, but so was dirt.

But it was colorful for sure.

This is one building of "The Coco's" where I tried to rent a room the week of Christmas break 2010 but all five buildings were sold out-- crazy!!  Maybe I should shoot for 2011.

Speaking of crazy... what in the world kind of flower is this??  Such an oddity.

I am grateful for eyes that can see such beauty and for a soul to realize that this beauty can only come from my loving Father above!


Christine said...

So glad you've shared these wonderful, vibrant pics with us! The whole world certainly displays the glory of God in His handiwork - can you even begin to imagine what Heaven will be like?
Best wishes

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

You have shared such beautiful pictures with us and I have enjoyed every single one. God is so awesome, how marvelous it is that He is mindful of us.

Have a blessed day! Can't wait to read about your retreat.

Cora said...

Beauty every where...the flowers, the sunset....Love the sand sculpture by Dad!! Awesome! He must be a very patient man.

I'm so glad you shared all your gorgeous shots with us...Thanks Angie!
Have a blessed week my dear.

Seth Likens said...

Those pictures are great, lots of color there from the looks of it. I assume you got your D50 all fixed up? I think your favorite picture is also my favorite!

~willa~ said...

Beautiful!. Those sun washed buildings are so lovely! And the flowers!!! The colors are so vibrant. God truly is an Awesome Creator!

Joyful Blessings!