Friday, September 18, 2015

A New Journey...

Well friends... it's time for a new journey.

I started my first blog Ramblings from a grateful heart in April 2006.  It was pictures only for I was afraid that I would lose the few followers I had with my ramblings.  Then I got a little braver and started telling stories along with the pictures.

In December 2009, my second blog was born-- Berry Homespun Primitives.  This blog was for crafting, decorating, and my Etsy shop.  While I kept my personal blog going, I decided in July 2013 to integrate the 2 blogs.  What a hassle it was to try to keep up with both blogs... I didn't do very well.

Little did I know that the beginning of the 2013 school year would bring craziness to our life as we pulled our youngest from public school.  We have home schooled him these past two years.  Then this past month, the little guy went back to public school into the same district but a new building that houses 4th-5th grades.  He has done tremendously well and for that we are very grateful.  So while all the creating and crafting was put completely on hold... the time has finally come for me to get back at it.  Yay!

So now that I have caught you up to speed, I want to share a new venture that I am starting.  I created and registered a new business with the state the past couple of days and I am now the proud owner of "A Vintage Journey"!  My husband has had a screen printing business for a few years now so we are going to utilize this and start printing boutique-style shirts for me sell along with my re-purposing pieces.  For now I will do business through facebook and my booth at Homeward Bound in Claremore, OK.  The rest of this year will be getting the business set up, advertising pieces printed, and display pieces bought so that I can hit some shows next year.  I'm pretty excited about it because it's been so very many years since I've done the show circuit.  I LOVED it back then... meeting new people, making new vendor friends, visiting with customers.  It was such a joy.

While the excitement abounds for the journey ahead, I'm actually sad to leave this blog for awhile.  I won't close it down, it will be here as long as blogger allows it.  I even exported all of the posts of both of my old blogs into my new blog.  I do hope you join me at my new blog.  For it is very lonely with no followers yet, lol!

My love for primitives has not dwindled.  I still love the deep, dark colors of barn red, mustard, burnt orange, rust, and black.  But I am slowly starting to fall in love with aqua, red, and yellow.  I feel like just using the word "primitives" limits me to prim pieces but I love so much more than that... antiques, vintage, retro... just anything old.  Thus the new name, new business, new direction.  

It's funny the direction life takes you.  You never know, you can never guess.  But one thing I do know for sure is that I truly treasure my time blogging and the wonderful friends that I've made that I have never met.  

Over at my new blog, I will be sharing as I create... projects, good deals, shows... all that fun stuff.
Now, won't you please join me on my new journey... A Vintage Journey

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Earlene said...

Best wishes on your new venture Angie!!!!!
Sad a lot of people no longer blog!